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What is an Adventure Flight versus a Joy Flight?

We often receive questions regarding Adventure Flights of which the most common are listed below. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • What is an Adventure Flight?
    An Adventure Flight, unlike a traditional Joy Flight, is a flight that is conducted in an ex-military aeroplane.
  • What are the differences compared with a traditional Joy Flight?
    Adventure Flights have some similarities to a Joy Flight such as enjoying the spectacular views of our countryside and coastline from the air. Also, Adventure Flights like traditional Joy Flights may include aerobatic manoeuvres. However, unlike Joy Flights, Adventure flights may involve simulated military combat manoeuvres. Also, Adventure Flights must take off and land at the same location.
  • How safe is an Adventure Flight?
    Adventure Flights are safe, however, there is a higher level of risk versus flying as a passenger on a commercial airline. This is due to many factors including the original design and manufacture of these aeroplanes being military, not civilian. Military aeroplanes were built and tested to different standards not recognised by the current governing civil aviation authorities. Despite this, incidents involving ex-military aeroplanes are uncommon.
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