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T6 Training in Australia

The T6 Course is a training programme designed to equip pilots with the flying skills and knowledge that is required to operate the T6 Texan.

The Course contains a comprehensive training syllabus including:

  1. Radial Engine operation and management.

  2. Heavy tailwheel take offs and landings.

  3. Unusual Attitude and Mishandled Manoeuvre Recovery.

  4.  Aerobatics.

  5.  Emergency Procedures.

The programme also provides a solid foundation for progressing onto the warbird piston fighters.

Southern Warbird Adventures provides this course out of Camden NSW Australia

The T6 Texan is the perfect aeroplane for a warbird training programme as this was the original reason for it being designed - as an advanced fighter trainer.


The T6 trained thousands of fighter pilots during the Second World War. To progress onto any of the high performance fighters, pilots were first required to graduate from training on the T6.

If you already have experience flying the T6, training is ideal should you wish to refresh yourself on specific areas of flying and handling the aeroplane.

Please enquire for further information.

North American Trainer Association
Southern Warbird Adventures - T6 Training
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