Southern Warbird Flights

Southern Warbird Flights offer the experience of a lifetime with adventure flights in a genuine World War 2 aeroplane, the North American T6 Texan.

Flights can be tailored to suit your needs. For the adventurous, experience the "G" forces associated with aerobatics such as the loop, the “victory roll” or a simulated air-to-ground attack.

Or, simply enjoy a straight and level flight over the picturesque Blue Mountains while experiencing the sensation of soaring through the sky in this classic wartime aeroplane.

Our Aircraft

The T6 Texan

The T6, known as the "pilot maker", was used during WW2 by the Allied air forces as an advanced trainer for pilots designated for frontline fighter combat operations.

Meticulously restored to pristine condition, our beautiful T6, "Miss Fire", is just as she was when rolled out of the factory in 1942.

She went on to train pilots with the United States Army Air Force during WW2, before being used as a frontline fighter with the Paraguayan Air Force after the War.

Our Customer Reviews


The TEXAN T6 people from the time you arrive are really professionals, and are REAL aviation enthusiasts, you get a feeling that you are in great hands and the experience is going to be GREAT. I had the privilege to have a veteran of commercial aviation as my pilot, and to add further a Pilot of a MUSTANG fighter in the RENO world air race,so I can say I got a true experience by a true PROFESSIONAL and felt a bit of his passion for flying, so I am recommending if you don't have a go you are really missing a truly GREAT experience, and if you are lucky enough to get my pilot, a bonus you will enjoy and remember P.S. I will book the TEXAN T6 again. Thanks GREG

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Whether you're looking for the aerobatic adventure flight of a lifetime, or a relaxing flight over the picturesque Blue Mountains, we can accommodate your needs.

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